• Characterizing Out-of-Distribution Error via Optimal Transport

    Yuzhe Lu, Yilong Qin, Runtian Zhai, Andrew Shen, Ketong Chen, Zhenlin Wang, Soheil Kolouri, Simon Stepputtis, Joseph Campbell, Katia Sycara

    NeurIPS 2023 Main Conference

  • Predicting Out-of-Distribution Error with Confidence Optimal Transport

    Yuzhe Lu, Zhenlin Wang, Runtian Zhai, Soheil Kolouri, Joseph Campbell, Katia Sycara.

    ICLR 2023 Workshop on Pitfalls of limited data and computation for Trustworthy ML

  • Best Arm Identification with Safety Constraints

    Zhenlin Wang, Andrew Wagenmaker, Kevin Jamieson

    AISTATS 2022 Main Conference

  • Max-min Grouped Bandits

    Zhenlin Wang, Jonathan Scarlett

    AAAI 2022 Main Conference

  • An Information-Theoretic Approach for Distributionally Robust Bayesian Optimization

    Thesis for NUS B.S. in Applied Mathematics